Today I shall talk about this lady:

Rui En

She is Rui En, Lu Rui En. She recently changed her chinese name from 芮恩 to 瑞恩. Her surname is 卢.

She is going to be 28 years old on 29 Jan 2009! She graduated from NTU with a degree in banking and finance. Same uni as me! MUAHAHA! She chose banking and finance because she thinks that is the area where she can get a job easily. But she has a passion for arts.

She has a very sad childhood background. Her parents divorced when she was young. Currently, she is staying at Clementi  (think so if i nv rmb wrongly) with her father and stepmum. Because of her sad childhood, she started to mix with bad company and took up smoking. But she has quit smoking now.

She was from SCGS and RJC. I guess she is a smart lady. haha. She is a lady that is full of ideas and has a passion for singing and acting. Perhaps that is the reason why she chose this line over banking and finance as her career.

She has refrain herself from acting intimate dramas (kissing, hugging, nude etc.). She believes that putting a good loving performance need not have to engage herself in these kind of scenes. Ever since she did a kissing scene on CH 5 sitcom, Achar, she found that a bit of disgusting, she set this rule for herself. From this, we can see that she has character because she knows what she want to express in her acting . Salute her! Thus making her different from the other 6 princesses. Just in case u don’t know, she is one of the princess in Mediacorp’s 7 princesses!

She just released her 2nd song album! But i think she is a good actress more than a singer. Hahaha.

U might ask y suddenly I wan to talk about her. Answer is I also don’t know. Maybe because recently The Straits Times published an interview of her. I got attracted to her in 2006. cos 她有性格 and she looks very COOL. She is very different from other actress! She don go for fame cos she rather wan to be a nobody. She is satisified that she is able to bring entertainment to others and her job is done. She would rather remain single than to be together with a person she don like OR maybe she lost faith in guys.

I like her acting in Metamorphosis! SHE LOOKED DAMN SO COOL and ‘handsome’ as a police inspector! Whenever she act in a drama, I would try to catch it. She look nice when she smile a bit.meta01